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"To follow the exciting and unusual love life of the author of "Out of Eden" is a great adventure. It covers her tumultuous life on three continents with amazing romantic cultural and literary descriptions. Not to be missed."

Kati Rekai C.M. Author: The Adventures of Mickey, Taggy, Puppo and Cica, a series of travel books for children and Contributing Broadcaster: CHIN-Radio. Toronto, Canada
"A riveting story of a courageous lady, written with amazing insight in the life of the contemporary woman. A beautiful world class journey!"

Kathy Van Laethem, Social Worker. Toronto, Canada.
"In nineteen lively chapters, Noemi Eva in exceptionally lucid prose offers the reader a
fascinating tour of adventures peppered with lovely encounters and juicy love affairs. She punctures the established orthodoxies and presents a portrait of a strong, complex and sensual woman. Great read!"

Marek Jakubecki, Ph. D., Director, Meritum Consulting. Ottawa, Canada
"I totally recommend reading the novel Out of Eden. I couldn't put it down. It's a must for every woman who has loved with deep passion and who has conquered so many of life's pitfalls as Eve did."

Heather Banks, Entrepreneur and Business Owner. Toronto, Canada
"Noemi's novel has plain and simple glamour and romance…but romance, the excitement and the sense of accomplishment is phenomenal. It wouldn't have been possible without the strong commitment to life and love that she shared with her children and her men."

Jose Barreiro, Concept Designer, International Business Executive. Toronto, Canada
"Out of Eden is a huge success here. I am having difficulty reading it myself because every time I try, someone always takes it. The last one was my daughter's English teacher who is simply loving it."

Peter Tomas, Advertising Firm Executive/Owner. . São Paulo, Brazil.
"Meeting Eve is a pleasure that everyone should know. There is a great reward in feeling her joys, struggles, and such fun to travel with her to such wonderful places. The music, art, history, and geography continue to fill my head."

Peg Jacob, Dental Technician. Rochester U.S.A.
"I just finished (reading) your book! It was amazing! ….. a real page-turner - I just kept reading..... on the treadmill… bed. I really enjoyed it."

Marianne Kerekes. Toronto, Canada
"Out of Eden is a fascinating story of a woman's perseverance; of a life filled with extreme happiness and deep despair; of victory over wrong and the determination to succeed!"

Mariette Van der Meer, School Teacher. Toronto, Canada
"I received Out of Eden last week and have spent every evening reading it. I could not do anything else until I found out how the story ended."

Bernard Macrez, Entrepreneur. Paris, France
"Eve is a woman of great paradox. She is inspired, exuberant and courageous… example to a generation of young women determined to do it their way."

Marie Melnick, Art Gallery Owner. Toronto, Canada
"Eve has been through the mill……the ups and downs……her "story" is very tastefully done while being explicit, open and honest….. I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter about Brazil, and the description of its diversity and riches."

Bernice Leanza, Records Management Consultant. Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies
"Life is not like a train whistling as it goes into a curve...It does not prepare us for anything. It is only charcoal. To a very few, under great pressure, it turns into a diamond...whether in Brazil, in Africa, Hungary or Canada, to (Eve) there are no borders...There are stopping reflect...moments to create new horizons...and to go forward!"

Claudio Martins, Grupo MC - Mercosur, Marketing Company President. São Paulo, Brazil
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