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Alberto Monteiro was looking into his companion’s dark eyes, soft like a tropical night, as she gazed into the distance. “Have you seen Victoria Falls yet?” He asked, suddenly.
Startled, Eve came to, regarding her escort, smiling sweetly replied: “Of course not. I came here to work, remember?” His eyes were boring into hers, again. What was he thinking?
“Why don’t I take you there this weekend?”
Dumfounded for a moment in a surge of conflicting emotions, Eve did not know what to say. She was flattered and she would love to go, but...but she was confused. “I thought you said you were flying out to Mozambique to tie up some business, then back to São Paulo?”
Her tone, so frequently self-doubting, caressed his very soul.
“That was what I said!” He smirked. “I’ve changed my mind. I’d much prefer to take you to Zimbabwe instead. To show you the Falls go on a Safari, what do you say?” He spoke to her with his unchanged winning smile, and she could not resist. Besides, what an opportunity, what an adventure! She had read an article about luck once. That everybody got the same amount of opportunities in life; the lucky individuals were those who acted on the opportunities that came their way.
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