The author NOEMI EVA was born in Budapest, Hungary, raised and educated in São Paulo, Brazil. Twice married, she resides in Toronto close to her three grown children. She is an industrial chemist and an electron microscopist, and has several medical research articles published. As a volunteer she helped develop and acted as a group leader/facilitator in New Directions, a support service program for women to make successful transitions - following separation, divorce or widowhood - to rebuild their lives.
A Novel about the fundamental nature of life:
a story about men, a manual for women.
In paradise, God created Eve to be a playmate for Adam. Cast out of her own Eden, Eve von Szentthamássy finds that life without a man is a life without essence! A journey into the very soul of what it means to be human, the pleasures and humiliations that we all experience. This book tells the story of a woman's rapturous relationships with men, her struggles and triumphs as a single parent and her ultimate achievement of financial freedom. Eve's tale, set in exotic lands such as Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the city of Toronto, unfolds as a passionate journey through life.
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